Established in 1997, GPE Expo Pvt. Ltd. (GPEEPL) has attained an international recognition worldwide including, India, Malaysia, Syria, USA, Latin America, Korea, Vietnam, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and have become specialized in event marketing & management for country specific international exhibitions, along with for corporations, associations and individual organizations for exclusively pharmaceutical healthcare sectors for more than 14 years. GPEEPL has established an
expertise, which enables to produce a top rated event in all areas and timely execution.
GPEEPL, is the show organizers of the most reputed pharma events internationally. GPEEPL enjoys the credit of highly successful organization, (marketing, management and execution) of several country specific international exhibitions for pharmaceutical industry to emphasize the significance of the local pharma industry on the global platform: Asia Pharma Expo (Malaysia & Bangladesh), Nigeria Pharma Manufacturers Expo (Nigeria), Pak Pharma Expo (Pakistan), Nepal Pharma Expo (Nepal), Global Pharma Expo (India) and Pharma Pro&Pack Expo (India).

GPEEPL is having co-ordeal relationship with various national trade associations of pharma industry, like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal etc. Besides serving medical and healthcare segment, GPEEPL has been associated with medical and healthcare segments, including association of surgeons of India, Association of Colon & Rectum Surgeons of India, Research Society of the study of Diabetes in India, Indian Society of Knee & Hip Surgeons, Association of Physicians of India, Urologist Society of India, Dermatologist of India, Indian Society of Rheumatologist, etc.
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